Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trust issues

Posted by Adele Hattingh at 10:49 AM
Who do you trust
When all the trusted ones are set to fail
Who do you follow
When all your leaders have started to derail
Where do you seek guidance
When the mighty have fallen in pride
Where do you seek answers
When the once wise rulers run to hide

Do I look to your people? Bearded magic man..
They are mystic, seemingly peaceful and wise
Do I acknowledge that your path is daunting
Do I brave my heart and try it on for size

Do I look to you? People of the book..
Labouring, seeking and yet so far ahead
Do I acknowledge your history is mine
Albeit tainted with unnecessary dread

Where do I find the truth
When the skies above me fall
When I beg the heavens to open up
And heed my call


Anonymous said...

Seek the truth and it shall in return seek you

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